An effective brand strategy defines the identity of your company and successfully communicates a strong, consistent message of value to your target audience. This message can be communicated in multiple ways using a variety of channels. It differentiates you from your competition and defines your company's vision, promise and personality. Reaching full business potential means fully aligning and integrating your brand's value with all aspects of business operations — from marketing to behaviors and processes. INKmake aligns your brand's marketing and processes with your brand value to maintain a strong, credible and influential brand.


The Importance of Branding

One of the major components of a brand is a logo because, as the “face” of a business, it’s what people instantly recognize. A professional logo design is simple enough to be memorable, but powerful enough to give the desired impression of your company.

A brand is an asset that should be managed responsibly. A clearly defined set of brand guidelines allows accurate management of the brand across a wide variety of marketing communications. Brand guidelines give specifications on how to appropriately use marks, logotypes, colors and typography. Guidelines ensure consistency in every application of the visual identity of your brand. The more consistent a brand is across the board, the more professional and credible a brand will be.

How your brand is perceived in digital space is extremely important. How do customers experience your brand digitally? How is it expressed in sites like FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and other online applications? How does it stay consistent across multiple devices and platforms? Brand consistency is crucial to maintaining accurate brand awareness. We work with you to develop an online brand strategy that accurately communicates your brand appeal through beautiful, functional, useful interfaces, digital experiences and clear, relevant content.

It doesn't have to end with just setup. If you want to spend more time running your business instead of managing your social media outlets, we can take of all that for you. Our social media services include:

  • Customized App
  • Page Design for Facebook
  • Blog Setup and Management
  • Email Marketing

Logo Design

We have four logo packages for your branding needs. All of these packages include a custom vector logo design.

Print Design

Brochures, Catalogs, Promotions, Posters, Press Materials. INKmake has done it all. From single page to multi-page documents, we will develop the right piece for your unique audience, event or campaign. In addition to applying the right design, typography, and layout, attention must be given to logically organizing information in a clear and relevant manner. As digital marketing continues to expand, the ability to converge print and web based media has become increasingly important. INKmake offers a wide range of digital counterparts and solutions to traditional, printed materials.When an advertisement is done right, it isn't done so that it looks "pretty". It is created so that it solves a problem. Your advertisement should reflect your brand and connect with your audience. INKmake will researcht your market, understand what it relates to, and create relevant advertising that will connect with with your customers. We can also help you develop a plan to reach your market more frequently, and through different mediums. Increase awareness through your target market by working with INKmake and creating great advertising.

Web Design

Websites are an essential part of your company's marketing strategy and needs to meet your specific goals and objectives. Whether it be brand appeal, awareness, lead generation, or online sale conversions, a clearly defined strategy and thorough understanding of your audience is important to meeting these goals. By taking a research-driven approach, we ensure that design and development decisions are made with a strategic focus on engaging your audience.

All web design packages and prices can be adjusted to fit your particular needs and wants. To get a quote on a custom package please fill out the form below. We promise to get back to you quickly because we know you’re busy!

Environmental Graphic Design

Signs, maps, arrows, color coding, pictograms and different typographic elements help guide our lives each day. What are your signs communicating? An effective signage systems has coherent design and purpose. INKmake specializes in creating signage systems and wayfinding. In creating your signage system, we will consider not only the physical space, but also the audience's interaction with that space through their experience with visual elements.

Information graphics translate complex information, data, and knowledge into easily digestible visual representations. INKmake designs information graphics to engage the viewer through visually interesting graphics that ensure a quick and effective read.

"During the entire project, INKmake was there to hold our hands. We ended up with an amazing online solution that our customers and ourselves value high"


Hon Mok

Founder and Designer

Hon found our pet kitty cat Tiger wandering around the neighborhood looking for a place to live. That episode led to the idea of INKmake and the rest is history. All waking hours, Hon and Tiger are on the road looking for INKmake Beauty Competitions - they haven't found one yet.

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