Our full-service design agency offers unparalleled expertise in branding, website, print design, and search engine optimization. By applying holistic strategies, we can manage all aspects of your company's online presence and create compelling campaigns that generate results.


BRAND DESIGN Get recognized for your strengths

Want to stand out in your brand designs? We can help you there. Great brand designs make you unique from your competitors. We can design elegant cards, ads, signs, labels, packages, and much more – it can promptly remind your market value of who you are.

For us, design holds a special significance in our agency. Your brand is far beyond just a logo, or a color palette. In other words, it just another way to communicate with your audience. We are equipped with all the modern means to create a massive impact on your brand design and overall business. Our value-driven expertise encourages our experts to create a well-defined brand strategy for you, and you won’t regret it.

You can be one of the businesses from DFW and across the USA that are growing sales here and internationally by using great brand design to boost their strengths.

Our Services

💡 Logo Design

We create branding designs that stand out from the competition. Strong branding makes your business recognizable and helps in establishing credibility. We build powerful brand identities using eye-pleasing designs and effective storytelling that moves the hearts of the beholders.

🖥 Web Site Design

Websites are an essential part of your company's marketing strategy and need to meet your specific goals and objectives. Whether it be brand appeal, awareness, lead generation, or online sale conversions, a clearly defined strategy and thorough understanding of your audience is important to meeting these goals. By taking a research-driven approach, we ensure that design and development decisions are made with a strategic focus on engaging your audience.

All web design packages and prices can be adjusted to fit your particular needs. To get a quote on a custom package please fill out the form here. We promise to get back to you quickly because we know you’re busy!

🔖 Print Design

Brochures, catalogs, promotions, posters, press materials: INKmake has done it all. From a single page to multi-page documents, we will develop the right piece for your unique audience, event, or campaign. In addition to applying the right design, typography, and layout, attention must be given to logically organizing information in a clear and relevant manner. As digital marketing continues to expand, the ability to converge print and web-based media has become increasingly important. INKmake offers a wide range of digital counterparts and solutions to traditional, printed materials. When an advertisement is done right, it isn't done so that it looks "pretty". It is created so that it solves a problem. Your advertisement should reflect your brand and connect with your audience. INKmake will research your market, understand what it relates to, and create relevant advertising that will connect with your customers. We can also help you develop a plan to reach your market more frequently, through different mediums, and increase awareness through your target market by working with INKmake and creating great advertising.

🏢 Environmental Graphic Design

Signs, maps, arrows, color coding, pictograms, and different typographic elements help guide our lives each day. What are your signs of communicating? An effective signage system has a coherent design and purpose. INKmake specializes in creating signage systems and wayfinding. In creating your system, we will consider not only the physical space but also the audience's interaction with that space through their experience with visual elements.

Information graphics translate complex information, data, and knowledge into easily digestible visual representations. INKmake designs information graphics to engage the viewer through visually interesting graphics that ensure a quick and effective read.

🔎 Google Adwords

At INKmake, we combine our innovative, promoting, and legitimate industry finesse to make proficient and powerful pay-per-click advertising campaigns for doctors, lawyers, and other business professionals utilizing Google AdWords. With clear revealing, and an expansion in calls, and site drives, our customers see and feel the positive effect on their primary concern.

📊 Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be one of the most gainful and savvy approaches to advance a company on the web. If done accurately, and under the correct conditions, SEO can reasonably and moderately drive high traffic and directed guests to a custom design website that is prepared to employ you.

An incredible website is important to any business attempting to discover achievement on the web, yet in the event that a site doesn't get an opportunity at great pursuit rankings, not many individuals may ever get the chance to see it. To abstain from having a site that isn't internet search friendly, you just need to mull over some essential SEO standards and great substance advancement rehearses.

At INKmake, we put a great deal of thought into what issues we have experienced and use that knowledge when building sites in view of SEO. 

"I have worked with Hon for a number of years on different projects. He is an excellent designer and understands important branding concepts. Whether you need a logo, signage, website, or something else, you will not be disappointed if you hire Hon. He is truly talented, smart, and will work to come up with concepts and designs that convey the message that you are striving for."

- Brandon Sample, Attorney at Law