INKmake is a graphic design studio. We advocates the power of visual communication through visual branding, identity, print and web mediums. Companies need a unique identity for their products and services, and that is what we do: build brands, social media consulting, environmental graphic design, and package development. The saying "less is more" is a key influence in our design as we use a simplistic, minimalist approach with high attention to detail. We are always accessible and ready to help you. We like to keep up with current design trends, but our level of expertise also allows us to tap traditional and classic design fundamentals. Contact us today and find out what we can do for you!

The Rise of inkmake

The name arises because as mentioned before, we all seek a unique identity that differentiates us from one another. We all have an ID, an identifier, it is the way people differentiate us, how they look for us, how they find us. INK: applies to most applications. MAKE: to create. Each person or thing defines its identity through a series of very specific attributes, which is what we focus on when we help give identity to a brand.



We will create a winning strategy that uniquely fits your business with the goal of increasing sales.



We will carefully plan out your project to encourage a smooth, stress-free process with no surprises.



We will deliver your project on time and looking good. We run a tight ship, and work hard to keep you happy.

Design for Your Audience, Consumers, & Marketplace It gets your product noticed. No matter how beneficial your product may be, unless a consumer chooses to pick it up, that product may never be discovered.


Print Design

Brochures, Catalogs, Promotions, Posters, Press Materials. We do it all!

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Web Design

Websites are an essential part of your company's marketing strategy and needs to meet your specific goals and objectives.


Info Graphic

Information graphics translate complex information, data, and knowledge into easily digestible visual representations.




Signs, maps, arrows, color coding, pictograms and different typographic elements help guide our lives each day. What are your signs communicating?